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Ecofriendly Wax Melts 3.6 oz- Standard Size

Ecofriendly Wax Melts 3.6 oz- Standard Size

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Our standard size include 8 single wax melts for a total size of 3.6 oz compared to the standard 2.5 oz. That's over 80 hours of scent!

Melts are two ingredients: coconut wax and fragrance. They are hand-poured and packaged in ecofriendly bags and boxes for easy storage. Please recycle all packaging.


-- 8 melts, 3.6 oz (single melt: 0.45 oz)
-- Burn time: 10 hours per melt
-- Coconut wax, free of dyes and paraben
-- Eco-friendly and vegan-friendly
-- 100% free of dyes, phthalates, and paraben


-- Mini: 4 melts (40+ hours of fragrance)
-- Sample: 1 melt (10+ hours of fragrance)
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