Valerie started creating candles with classic scents like coffee, citrus, and vanilla in her home studio. As a PhD-level scientist and sufferer of chronic migraines, she spent months working on the perfect aromas using as many safe ingredients as possible.

vendor market with coconut wax candles and room sprays in amber colored glass bootles on a beige tables with twinkle lights


Valerie creates and pours all fragrances by hand in the studio. Scents are crafted based on favorite memories like laughing over coffee with a dear friend (barista), a big bit of wedding cake (celebration), or laying on a beach listening to the waves (summer).

As requests for her home fragrance line grew, her husband Daniel started to support logistics and operations. Dan labels, packs, and ships each order with care. 

Daniel Rodrigues is wearing a white shirt and holding a coconut wax candle from PVD gifts

Our mission is to create gifts that our customers are proud to send to their loved ones. Each scent is carefully curated to add a signature fragrance to a space.


All of our candles, wax melts, and sprays are created by hand and in microbatches. They have two ingredients: natural wax and candle-safe fragrance oils.

Our proprietary blend of coconut and apricot waxes is the most eco-friendly option for common natural waxes such as soy and beeswax. Natural waxes have become more popular as an alternative to traditional paraffin. 

cocnut wax candles in amber glass jars in the scents of grapefruit, cake, coffee, and suntan lotion

All fragrances are of the highest quality and are 100% phthalate-free. We are sensitive to scents that trigger headaches, only safe fragrances are used. We avoid many essential oils as they can be toxic to pets and children.

To create candles, we handpour wax into amber-colored jars with 100% cotton wicks, free of zinc and lead.


The fastest way to find us is to  follow us on instagram at @pvdgifts. There you can see behind the scenes making and see giveaways and launches first.